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What We Do

KCG's Focus

KCG works with individuals, teams, and organizations. The focus of Linda's work is to create successful performance and appropriate behavior in the workplace. KCG's services, tailored for your needs, include coaching in leadership, motivation, conflict, emotional intelligence, and critical thinking. Linda specializes in helping executives overcome obstacles that prevent them from achieving their highest potential. She provides services specifically for certain groups: new leaders and managers; leaders in need of refining and improving their communication skills; those who require training and coaching in civility and antiharassment; groups experiencing conflict; and technically adept managers in need of coaching in leadership and management skills.

Linda practices what she believes and teaches: patience, honesty, transparency, clarity, integrity, and civility.

Specific Services

KCG offers an array of services designed to improve the effectiveness of organizations and staff.

Examples of the kinds of services Linda provides include the following:


KCG's Clients

Linda's clients have included both public and private sector companies/agencies, ranging from global companies to small local businesses. Client industries include banking/finance, insurance, space-age technologies, government agencies, social service agencies, manufacturing, food/restaurant business, and public and private schools, including universities.

The nature of Linda's work and the work of her clients requires that she maintain discretion about the identity of the clients. KCG does not include client names on its website; however, we have a rich portfolio of references and samples of work that can be shared privately with prospective clients. Please contact Linda for additional information.