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Creating Power Across Genders

Who is perceived as powerful and influential at work, and the reasons for this perception might surprise you. How we speak and listen are deeply influenced by norms learned in childhood. Although we may think our way of speaking is natural, women are often misperceived when judged by men. As noted by famed linguist Deborah Tannen, "In every community the patterns that constitute linguistic style are relatively different for men and women." Learn how gender differences in conversational styles affect perceptions of competence, influence, trustworthiness and power.

In this workshop, we will explore how differently women and men communicate and wield power through speech. We will assess our conversational styles, build awareness of the tacit norms operating in our professional environment, design experiments to increase our stylistic range, and increase our perceived competence and power.

Learning Objectives

  • Create greater influence through speech, body language, and other non-verbal skills
  • Increase stylistic range to be effective in both hierarchical and relational power structures
  • Use e-mail strategically and professionally
  • Optimize leadership influence and power through effective speech

This workshop is for women only. Whether you have been in a leadership role for more than a decade, or less than a year, this workshop raises awareness and teaches practical skills to become more influential and powerful.

Ms. Koenig partners with Linda Garverick to provide programs on influence, speaking, and communication skills for women.

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