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Linda Koenig

Linda A. Koenig, founder and principal of Koenig Consulting Group, works with organizations, work teams, and individuals to enhance the potential of employees and to create influential and accomplished leaders. Not only is that her mission, but it is also her passion.

Linda is a certified executive coach, and an organizational effectiveness and human resources consultant. She provides executive coaching in leadership, motivation, critical-thinking, and survival skills in turbulent work environments. She specializes in helping executives overcome obstacles that prevent them from achieving their highest potential.

In addition, Linda's work involves the many aspects of organizational life that focus on communication, conflict, leadership, emotional intelligence, diversity, civility, and overall organizational effectiveness. KCG's goal is to support leaders and organizations by finding solutions to organizational problems, as well as to help leaders discover strategies to more effectively manage dilemmas.

Founded by Linda in 2002, Koenig Consulting Group is built on decades of solid experience. KCG has evolved from a solo practice into an organization that utilizes other professionals, each with their unique area of specialization. These professionals work independently and in partnership with Linda to provide comprehensive services, and work on large-scale training and development projects. Linda has formed boutique teams of selected professionals whose expertise she incorporates as needed.

Linda invites you to contact her to be welcomed into the fold of organizations to which KCG provides services.

"Leadership is intentional influence."
Michael McKinney


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We develop leadership. We are your partner in a creative process to fulfill individual potential, develop honest communication, and help resolve problems. Your success is our success.

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We work independently and in partnership with other exceptionally talented professionals.

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Freedom from Harassment and Beyond.


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